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This is the ABRIDGED Diary of Babygirl

Mar. 7th, 2005

02:23 pm

So I have a page on Blackplanet and Migente.

They both have pics of me and my friends and all of that good stuff.

While I was "fake doing work" here in the Counseling Center, I went on Migente and it was kind of dead but when I went on Blackplanet, I had like 10 notes. "HOT DAMN" I thought.  I always get excited when someone leaves me a note. LOL.

But lo and behold, I got excited for nothing. By the end of reading my notes I went from "Hot Damn" to "Damn damn damn".

So ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment, I have cut and pasted the notes that I got since I logged on last night. Most of them are from freaky ass or silly ass dudes but to make me even more pissed off, 2 are from  chicks. LOL!!!!!!!

I don't even know why I am shocked by stuff that comes out of people's mouths any more. LOL!

I am OFFICIALLY blown.



Why Blackplanet makes me so mad sometimes... (cut and pasted directly from my inbox) HA!


"Girl. Fuck Ciara and that song. I wanna get them goodies from your cookie jar. I've been a good boy. Santa said so."
Oh Santa said so eh? LOL!

2. "looks like you're a happy woman. That has alot of joy in your life. I need some joy, are you willing to lend me some. You have a preety smile. Happy happy joy joy."
Ummm first of all, I'm mad at the Ren & Stimpy song. 2nd of all, verbalessence can you take care of this sentence structure PLEASE? Thanks girl. I appreciate it. lol.

3. "yo mami. you fine. You got really sexy and mysterioys eyes. Mind If I make you and ya friends my wallpaper at work?"
Wallpaper at work?! What kind of job do you work at you freak?!

4. "You no what I would like to do? I would like to find a down, cool, byutiful female like you, and enjoy life. I movd back here 6 months from FLorida and hoping to find somewone genuin to hang with from time to time. If your up to it I wuld like to hook up a blind date with you. I never been on one, and I thought it would be cool."
You thought it would be cool? Oh heeeeeeell naw! verbalessence can you take care of this one too? Thanks girl.

5. "Intelligent sista. Look me up sometime. Let me know if you have yahoo too. I wanted to also ask you questions about Towson. Naw forget that here is my number _____________ . call me tonight at 6:02pm and let it ring 2 times then hang up. That way Ill know thats it is you boo "
6:02pm?! Let it ring 2 times then hang up?! WTF?! Hell to the naw. hood_honey05 this is for you girl. LOL!

6. "I see that you got some latin up in ya and thats sexy. Have you ever thought about being in them Brazillian Boom Boom videos that they have out? You know the uncut ones. That would be hot. Or as you guys say caleante."
Oh heeeeeeeeeeeell no. lol.

7. "Me and my boys wanna know if you gotta man. And your friends ____, _____, and ______. Maybe your friends can get with my friends and we can all be friends.
Ok, You are not Biggie. I know that verse. lol.

8. "Imma come over to you house and sneak in the window while you sleepin. Then Imma make passionalte love to you while you sleep then put you back to sleep again. U hot yet?"
Ummm actually I'm scared. First u gonna sneak in my window. 2nd, if Imma sleep right through your "passionate love making" there is a problem, and 3rd of all... damn... I don't even know what to say here. lol.

AND on his page there was this --> Does homeboy's shirt say "I love Lick"?!?! Sooo mad at this.

9. "Oi mami. My friends call me Ms. Cotton Candy cause I am sticky when wet AND finger lickin good. I just got a webcam and my friend I wanted to know if you wantd to cum play with us. 3 is not a crowd so cum and play with us. We don't bite.......hard. <3"

10. "Yo whats up gurl. Let me tell you something youung. I can treat your dime ass better than any of them mothafukin bitch ass niggaz. Cum take a rhyde on my tongue and I'll show you. Can't nobody do a sexy woman betta than a dom. When im done with you your pretty ass will be shakin like a polariod picture."
1. AHHHHH OMG WTF! 2. Shakin like a polaroid picture?!?! 3. Rhyde the tongue?!?! Ok, Im BLOWN. Well, the Tongue-fu master has spoken. HA. (That was for you hood_honey05 . LOL!!!!) 


                                       I saw these and I just HAD to post it... lol.


Aight yall. I'm OUT. I am more than done. LOL!!!! Hope everyone had a good day and if not, I hope that this provided some sort of entertainment. LOL.

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Feb. 20th, 2005

01:13 am

LOL! Yup, I am an updating machine tonight! LOL

As yall know the summer is coming up and I am looking for a new bathing suit. Since I got my new bellyring for my bday (in sept) and a new toned tummy, I am looking for something different.Something cute and completely different from what everyone else has.

I was in Norstrom the other day and tried on this cute ass suit from Juicy Couture that was a bikini top and the bottom was regular but it had ruffles around the waist and on the booty. REAL cute!  

Here is a pic from the website:  

BUT your girl has a badunk-a-dunk and because of the  the cute little ruffles in the back look like...ummmm....ocean waves. LOL!!!!!

Next I tried on another Juicy Couture suit that was right next to it that I liked. From the website:


BUT once again because of the  the cute "Juicy" cover-up looked more like... a belt. LOL!

So I stepped away from the Juicy Couture section after INCORRECTLY listening to the lady who told me that it was for "juicy bottomed girls" and went to a totally different section. Should have been called Skinny Couture. Silly lady. 

I think that tomorrow I might go and look again. I know that they have some good ones at Vicki's online but I need to try stuff on first. Any ideas anyone?

You know what? Maybe I need to wait for Kimora Lee to do Babyphat bathing suits.


and for Nelly to do Applebottom ones.

(Ummmm when did Nelly get so cut? He is lookin a lil CUT in this Applebottom ad.)

Now, if Nelly can make a bathing suit to fit this chick... I am SURE that it will fit this  cause she is my size. LOL

Geez, this booty causes me grief sometimes BUT I wouldn't trade it for the world. <3


Bye everyone,

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Nov. 17th, 2004

07:46 pm

Ok well remember when I said that I was going to open up more? Well here we go!

So, I was thinking about some things and some of the things that my friends and I have discussed lately now that we are still single and another birthday passed by for all of us. We talked about love, lust, sex, marriage, kids, getting older, still being single, what we want in a relationship, where we want to be in 10 years and... PROTOTYPES.

Now, I've been thinking about this so-called prototype thing for a while.

Lets start off with a definition from an online dictionary:

Pronunciation: 'prO-tO-"tIp

Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Greek prOtotypon, from neuter of prOtotypos archetypal, from prOt- + typos type
1 : an original model on which something is patterned
2 : an individual that exhibits the essential features of a later type
3 : a standard or typical example
4 : a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction (as an airplane)

(What the hell does THAT mean you ask? Thats exactly what I was thinking to an extent. lol!)

Now you all know the fairly new Outkast song called "Prototype" that is on Andre's side of that double cd that they last put out. That song ALWAYS gets me all teary eyed. Now the lyrics are nice and a bit...ODD... but it is the slowness of the song, how he sings it, and the simpleness of the video that get me.

If you haven't seen it, go here:  http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/outkast/audvid.jhtml and it SHOULD be the second video.

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Prototype lyricsCollapse )

Well, the whole concept is that Andre is an alien and runs into this totally average girl (average as in no where NEAR the usual video hoe) who is a photographer, they click, and they fall in love. Then they kiss and she becomes pregnant right there on the spot (YIKES!) and Andre gets transformed from an alien to a human so that he can stay on Earth to be with his new girl and his hew baby. AWWWW! Now yea its wierd simply because yall know that Andre aint too right, but I still like it. 

Now don't get me wrong I sure as hell don't ever want that shit from the video to happen to me! So, I'm walking through the damn park (like I'd be doing that), I see a spaceship crash, I start takin pics of it and as soon as I turn back around one of the aliens roll up on me with his peeps. He starts singing to me, takes my glasses off and "fixes" my eyes so that I don't need them, takes my hair aloose, and we go skipping up a hill. Then he gets on top of his spaceship and starts playing an electric guitar. It starts getting dark so I set up a tent (shyyyyyt) and when I look at these mofos they are sleeping in a line outside standing up. Then the lead alien unzips my tent, we kiss, and my stomack grows from 0 to 9 months pregnant and ready for dilevery in less that 15 seconds. (Could you imagine if that really happened?! Forget kissing! People would never touch each other because they wouldn't want their lips to accidentally touch. LOL!) So I give birth to a 8 month old looking baby and the lead alien transforms himself into a human so that we can be a happy family.

Moment of silence LOL!

BUT it is the whole gist of WHAT a prototype is that I got from the video; not the wierd but interesting plot.

From the video, a prototype is
*someone who you feel a indescribable and immediate bond with,
*someone that can make you do anything just to be with them, 
*that one and only person you risk kissing KNOWING what is gonna happen! (lol j/k!!!!)

But you see what I am saying? It is that unconditional fairytale genuine and true love with that one special person that you have this unexplainable connection with that last a lifetime.

And after analyzing the video and thinking back on the definition from above, it DOES make sense!!!!
1 : an original model on which something is patterned -> the perfect person that people should imitate. Like an ideal person
2 : an individual that exhibits the essential features of a later type -> same as above
3 : a standard or typical example -> someone that fits the example of what YOU think the perfect person is)
4 : a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction ->an original person that is perfect to you in any and every way that you have never felt such a form of connection to.

So basically, and in conclusion, a Prototype is an ideal person. And that ideal image varies from person to person. (DAMMIT, if only this was an assignment that could be graded. HA!)

Now a few weeks ago </a>
</a>hood_honey05 and I were talking about wanting a so-called prototype in our lives. How we wished that we would meet the perfect guy and how he would sweep us off our feet, and ride us off on a horse into the sunset and all of that good stuff. Well, not really on a horse into the sunset but you get what I am saying. LOL! Just basically saying that we wanted to meet that perfect guy that completely fulfills our own individual liking and personal, emotional, and mental well-being. </font>

Now speaking from my experience, I have met my share of broke ass, good for nothing, lying, cheating, horny, no job having, uneducated, kid having, drama having, stalking, "I'll leave my girl for you" low lifes. Hell to the naw! I deserve better than that and I am not gonna settle for some bullshit just to be with someone. (Thanks to some of my good friends. I am constantly reminded of that. You know who you guys are. Beijos!) And like that old song says "I can do bad all by myself". So we decided that we are gonna wait. Wait on the Lord that is. If something happens it happens, if not, we are gonna trust that the Lord will provide us with what we need/want when HE feels it is right. Its gonna be HARD though.


So, I was in class and my teacher was talking about Theories of Concept Learning. One of the terms was called "schema" and he defined it as "a concept that is defined by prototypes". So I chuckled to myself a lil bit.

THEN he said something that broke my heart:

"Prototypes change. They exist in the mind and not in reality".

I know that he was talking about the term for class, but it still hurt because I started thinking. 

Is there such a thing as the perfect person for someone? 
Is it possible to have a unexplainable and deep connection and magnetism with someone?
Is is realistic to be optimistic about soulmates?

Is a prototype really some bullshit?!?!?!?!?!?!


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Nov. 12th, 2004

12:54 pm

Now I NEVER thought that I'd do this, but thanks to hood_honey05  I decided that I am going to start being more open and honest with my journal.

Yeah, "Miss Personal" is gonna open up. LOL! 

THEREFORE, some of my more "personal" (for a choice of better words) stuff is gonna be locked up and only for friends to read. Safe


Now don't get it twisted, I aint telling yall everything... thats not my style. And yall who know me know that I keep my shit on lock and in check. Can't have ish backfiring.

So... nothing really extreme ... just a lil more for your tastebuds.

~ Babygirl

Aug. 27th, 2004

07:51 pm - Well well well

Look what we have here...

Not Overtly Weird Weirdo

Which Weirdo Celebrity Woman of Color Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I tell ya... something WIERD is going on.

What do you think Waindwop?

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May. 15th, 2004

06:10 pm - Lets get this ish started...

Ok, so not only was I was FORCED into joining this online journal for an upcoming psychology class, but also so that my friends can be nosey! Haha. Little do they know, I ain't putting EVERYTHING up on here. Come on! What do I look like? Yall know that I keep my "bia" in check and to myself. But I promise to give you all just a lil taste. You know, a lil somethin-somethin for ya taste buds.

This is the abridged and half azzed diary of Babygirl. You think you know, but you have NO idea. (And will never really know either! LOL.)

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